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Many of us have been in this position – renting properties to tenants who are just a pain to work with. Chances are, if you are visiting this site, you are in need of a professional eviction service. Well, we are ready to help, and we can ensure that you get all of your eviction needs to handle properly as well as according to the laws.

The Services We Provide

Guarantee Eviction SVC is a professional eviction company that provides a wide range of services for our clients in order to get tenants out of their properties. We offer 3-day to 90-day services along with sheriff lock out, unlawful detainers, foreclosures, abandonment, and termination notices. For more information on what we can provide for our clients, head on over to our services page.

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How We Can Help

Renting one of your properties is a great way to make some extra money and pay off your home as well. Many people invest a lot of money in these properties in order to make them look nice, restore them, and get more bang for their buck when renting. However, you don’t always get the ideal tenants to inhabit these homes. This is where an eviction specialist can help you get those unwanted tenants out.

Trust the Eviction Professionals

Whether the tenants are destroying your property, not paying, overstaying their welcome, or are simply bad tenants, our fast eviction service in Modesto, CA can help. You won’t have to deal with this problem for much longer. Guarantee Eviction SVC is bonded, and all of our evictions are backed by attorneys specializing in this field.

If you are in need of professional tenant eviction service in Modesto, CA, give us a call today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Julie F. on Guarantee Eviction SVC
Great Company

I have rented a few homes of mine in the past and have had good experiences overall, however, I recently had a tenant that was not paying rent according to our contract. I called this company after a few months of them not paying and notices. They were able to get them out successfully!

Guarantee Eviction SVC
Address: 400 12th St #12 Modesto, CA 95354
Phone: (209) 577-8677

  • 3-Day to 90-Day Eviction Services
  • Sheriff Lock Out
  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Foreclosures
  • Abandonments
  • Termination Notices

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